What is the difference between CoolSculpting and Liposuction?

How is CoolSculpting Different Than Liposuction?

What is the difference between CoolSculpting and Liposuction?

If we were to mention the phrase “fat reducing surgical procedures”, the first thing that more than likely comes to mind for you is probably liposuction. Over the years, liposuction has been a great option for people looking to lose fat and most people who have it done are very happy with this procedure. There are, unfortunately, just as many people who say they are unhappy with the liposuction procedure though. Because of the increased number of unhappy people in the world of fat reduction, there have been several new procedures and approaches to removing fat.

Through trial and error of these new procedures, many people have found that the results just can’t compare with the liposuction procedure. Thus the birth of a new way to sculpt your body and lose fat – CoolSculpting. This is a procedure that is not invasive at all, but with a technology that involves cooling the fat cells, you lose weight without having to go under the knife at all.

If you are wanting fat removal without the means of surgery, CoolSculpting in San Ramon, CA is the right option for you. Lucky for you, it’s even been stated that the results people see with CoolSculpting far exceed those of liposuction procedures.

What’s The Difference?
The biggest difference in the two options is that liposuction requires you going underneath a knife, or having surgery and all that goes along with it – anesthesia, incisions to the skin, scarring, and recovering. As stated before, CoolSculpting does not require any surgical interventions. Due to being put under anesthesia and the intense procedure that liposuction is, there are side effects that people have to potentially deal with, the most prevalent being infection due to the incision. The choice of CoolSculpting will be the safest and most risk-free approach to fat reduction. The only negative side effect people experience with CoolSculpting is a little irritation or redness at the site of fat reduction, but people who have experienced this say that the symptoms heal themselves over several days. Another huge benefit of choosing CoolSculpting is that you don’t have to worry about any recovery time and don’t have to pause your current activities at all, you are able to continue your life as you did before having it done.

What Exactly Is Each Procedure?
Liposuction has one benefit over CoolSculpting, and that is that because it is a surgical intervention, a larger quantity of fat cells can be removed at a time and the hard places to reach with CoolSculpting can be treated in surgery. Liposuction surgery is a process of doctors placing a tube in your fatty areas and them sucking the fat cells out. People have stated that this process can result in lumpy skin as it is not 100% even when they take the fat cells out.

CoolSculpting puts an applicator on your skin and literally freezes the fat cells off in the applicator itself. Your body will help the fat to dissolve and it will heal on its own over a period of time. People have said they see results as quickly as three weeks after the procedure, but it can also help diminish the appearance of fat up to six months later.

Which Is Right For Me?
If you are needing immediate results and are able to go through the process of surgical intervention, consider liposuction for your fat cell reduction needs. If you are able to lose fat in a more natural way, CoolSculpting might be the best option for you, as long as you are aware that it takes several weeks for the results to be evident.

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