The CoolSculpting Technique: How It Works

The CoolSculpting Technique: How It Works

There is no shortage of media messages proclaiming how their products and services will literally melt inches off of your waist. This dizzying variety of treatment options can be extremely confusing. Many people have simply “cut to the chase” and discovered how CoolSculpting has helped thousands of people to appear healthier and more youthful by toning and contouring their bodies.

How It Works

If you have ever watched a CoolSculpting commercial, you may be wondering how anything could actually “freeze” away fat deposits. The FDA has approved CoolSculpting as a safe in-office procedure for those with stubborn fat pockets that need removing. The actual technique behind CoolSculpting is called cryolipolysis. CoolSculpting is a proprietary technique that helps to slim body contours by selectively and safely freezing fat pockets found below the surface of the skin. The cold temperatures eliminate fat cells found in the treatment area.

The discovery behind CoolSculpting was made by two Harvard scientist who noticed that children eating popsicles developed dimples soon after eating the tasty treats. They quickly found that the reason that these dimples formed is that the extreme cold destroyed fat cells in the local area. This enabled them to develop the proprietary CoolSculpting technique that has helped so many people eliminate small areas of fat.

The treatment site will undergo rapid cooling to reduce stubborn fat deposits and reshape body contours. Fat cells are destroyed and eventually flushed by the body naturally. You should begin noticing results as soon as three weeks after your treatment. Further results will develop over the following three months after your CoolSculpting procedure.

Your CoolSculpting Treatment

Your CoolSculpting treatment begins with the placement of a special applicator against the skin in the treatment area. You may notice a slight tugging sensation when the paddles are close to your body. This is then followed by a cooling effect that will destroy fat cells in the target zone. When the applicator is removed, your practitioner will perform a fast massage in the treatment area, breaking up targeted fat cells for the reduction of fat.

CoolSculpting is extremely effective at what it does, but it is important to have realistic expectations. CoolSculpting should not be considered as an alternative to healthy weight loss. It is possible to regain weight after your treatment if you do not maintain healthy exercise and eating habits. Although the treated fat cells are destroyed permanently, remaining fat cells can expand in size if you do not maintain healthy habits.

Good Candidates For CoolSculpting

The best candidates for a CoolSculpting treatment are near their target weight, but have pockets of stubborn fat that are unresponsive to diet or exercise. CoolSculpting is a versatile treatment that can treat quite a few parts of the body, including love handles, double chin, the abdomen, and outer and inner thighs.

You may wonder about how much time is necessary for a CoolSculpting treatment, as well as any required downtime. You will be gratified to know that patients typically only require one or two treatment sessions to meet their goals. And there are absolutely no restrictions on your activities after your treatment. You can resume work or daily tasks right away.

From the moment you walk into the Gladstone Clinic, you’ll find that our staff is both professional and gracious, while Dr. Gladstone is warm, knowledgeable and incredibly skilled. If you are interested in Freezing fat with CoolSculpting in San Ramon, Danville, Pleasanton, San Francisco, and the surrounding communities, contact us now and setup your free consultation!

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