Why Facials Are Incredibly Beneficial to Your Skin

Why Facials Are Incredibly Beneficial to Your Skin

It’s not uncommon for people to have a daily skincare routine. Some people take really good care of their skin, while others simply wash their face and go, perhaps with a little bit of moisturizer. Quite frankly, the more time you put into your skincare routine, the more likely you are to reap the benefits by having skin that looks and feels great. If you’ve ever had a facial, then you already understand this fact.

A facial is where a professional spends the time required to address the specific needs of your skin. Whether you deal with hyper-pigmentation, acne, dry skin, blemishes or anything else, our skincare specialists at Gladstone Clinic are trained to address those problems so that you can achieve healthier skin that looks more youthful, regardless of your age. As it turns out, there are amazing benefits associated with having facials. Let’s review some of those benefits.

Stress Reduction

There was a report in the Biomedical Research Journal indicating that skin facials have the capacity to reduce stress because they impact the sympathetic nervous system. When this part of the nervous system is activated, it has the capacity to boost your mood and reduce anxiety. As a result of pressure points located on your face and connected to different systems within your body, a facial has more benefits than just making you look great.

A facial has the capacity to impact the way in which other organs in your body function. A trained professional understands the different pressure points and can use that knowledge to optimize the results of the facial. In addition to more vibrant skin, a facial can have a more comprehensive impact on your body.

Deep Skin Cleansing

Another exceptional benefit of a facial is that it can cleanse your skin on a much deeper level than what can be achieved on your own. It’s difficult to get it quite right at home, especially when you don’t have the right equipment or know exactly what your skin needs. Our skincare specialist can assess your skin to determine which products will likely work best. They can also use the right tools if any kind of extraction is needed or if a steamer is necessary to open and clean out your pores.

Promote a Youthful Appearance

Everyone ages and there’s nothing we can do about it. However, there are things that you can do to prevent your skin from aging prematurely. Without a doubt, how you care for your skin will determine its appearance. Specifically, a facial can aid in skin cell regeneration, which is known to increase the development of collagen. By promoting collagen growth, your skin will begin to look more youthful and vibrant. Another reason why your skin will start to look more youthful is because it improves blood circulation, which increases the amount of nutrients and oxygen available to your skin to further promote a vibrant appearance.

Skin Detoxification

Given the pollution in the air in San Ramon, California, both indoors and outdoors, your skin must be detoxified in order to prevent breakouts. A facial is a great way to detoxify your skin because washing it every day isn’t enough. There are a variety of different products and methods that can be used to detoxify your skin, but some of the most commonly used products have antioxidants and herbal extracts. You’ll feel the difference when your skin has been detoxified.

In addition to looking your best, a skincare specialist at Gladstone Clinic, can contribute to your overall wellness by providing the type of facial that you need for your skin issues. It’s one of the most relaxing ways to support your overall wellness.

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