Get a more youthful face with Botox

Get a more youthful face with Botox

Botox has become an incredibly popular treatment due to its ability to renew a youthful appearance and help people feel young and fresh once again. In fact, statistics show that almost 7 million procedures with Botox were performed in 2016. This is an increase of nearly 800 percent from the turn of the century, and getting Botox in San Ramon, CA and elsewhere is an option that lots of people are pursuing.

Just what is it that makes Botox treatments such a fashionable practice? Below are five reasons that Botox can be a benefit and make it a popular pursuit.

It’s a safe practice.

Although its surrounded by the notion to the contrary, Botox is actually safe for use in the human body. As long as it’s administered properly in the correct amounts, there aren’t any known serious side effects that occur. When used to decrease wrinkles, only a tiny amount is needed to cause the muscles in the face to relax.

There are temporary side effects that can occur from the procedure. These can include pain where the Botox was injected as well as some bruising and headaches. In addition, fewer than one percent of patients have a drooping around their eyes. However, the dropping will reverse in a few weeks. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid having Botox injected until they’ve checked with a doctor.

It’s reversible.

This is a huge plus for most people who are considering trying Botox in San Ramon. Since the procedure generally needs to be redone a couple of times or so each year, it can be tried once to see the results, and if they’re unsatisfactory, he or she can just stop having injections. Having one treatment doesn’t mean a person needs to commit to a regular plan though lots of patients are happy with what they see and continue on with regular treatments.

It’s reasonably priced.

When contrasted to having plastic surgery done, Botox is a reasonably priced treatment to boost youthful-looking features and refresh the skin. The actual cost varies from location to location, but overall, it’s very affordable for the majority of patients. Estimates can easily be obtained from an experienced doctor to get an idea of the cost. It’ll be based on how many units of Botox the patient needs at one time since its price is set by unit.

Botox treatments lift the brow area without having to undergo surgery.

Because Botox treatments have been clinically shown to decrease fine lines and wrinkles on the brow area, the result is that a person can have Botox injections without having to undergo painful surgery. Botox works by weakening muscles that promote an appearance of wrinkles in the facial area. Once weakened, the muscles are unable to promote those wrinkles. This provides a renewed look to the face that can make someone look years younger than they actually are.

It serves as a preventative procedure.

Although Botox as a treatment has been shown to reduce lines and wrinkles on the brow area, it also works wonders as a preventative procedure by keeping new wrinkles and lines from showing up initially. It helps remove the appearance of wrinkles that show up when making facial gestures such as frowning, smiling or squinting, and because that happens due to preventing muscles from moving, those same lines won’t even show up initially when Botox is used before they’re evident. As a treatment, it’s safe for use by adults 18 years of age and older.

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Get a more youthful face with Botox in San Ramon, CA