The G Lift

G-Lift by Dr. Hayes Gladstone

The G Lift is a short scar facelift. It is different than a standard facelift. It is much less invasive. Yet for the appropriate candidate, it provides excellent results. It is performed under local anesthesia. The incision begins at the superior root of the helix. It extends inferiorly around the lobule and ascends long the postauricular sulcus for approximately two centimeters, and then extends posteriorly for approximately one centimeter. The shape of the incision is a version of a “G.” The portion of the G that goes posteriorly is predetermined and excised to prevent a dogear (raised skin)The advantage of G lift over standard mini facelfits is that it extends posteriorly (the others stop at anterior (front) portion of the earlobe which provides significantly better lift along the jawline and upper neck which provides a better lift. Yet because it is still a short incision and undermining, the patient recovery time is no different than a minilift. In addition to shape of the incision, the technique which also includes deeper sutures at a more vertical angle creating a more vertical vector are not commonly found in short scar facelfits. Therefore this specific technique was developed by Dr. Gladstone.

Before/After Results

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