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Frank Somerville
Emmy Award Winning Television Broadcast Anchor

Cosmetic Surgery in San Ramon, CA

“I can’t say enough about the Gladstone Clinic. I’ve gone there for two different procedures and both times the experience has been excellent!

In the first case, Dr. Gladstone removed a skin cancer on my face. I get very nervous with shots and knives, but Dr. Gladstone was so patient with me. He explained everything. I really appreciated that. But, what impressed me the most was how concerned he was about the possibility of a scar. I work in television news. He also addressed a scar on my face. He was very careful and ended up doing a great job.

The second procedure I had involved CoolSculpting. Dr. Gladstone and his staff helped me. Again, the experience was excellent. They explained everything and constantly checked on me to make sure I was okay and that I was comfortable.

And then there are the results. I’m down one belt loop and I’m seeing cuts where I haven’t seen cuts in a long time.

The bottom line is this: There’s a reason why I’m a repeat customer. It’s because I totally trust and respect Dr. Gladstone and his staff at the Gladstone Clinic.”

*Results may vary by patient.

Mark Ibanez
Emmy Award Winning Television Sports Anchor

Cosmetic Surgery in San Ramon, CA

“I have worked in the television business for 40-years, being on the air every night is all about self confidence and feeling your best.I have found the perfect place for keeping me job ready, The Gladstone Clinic! Not only does Dr Hayes Gladstone have all the state of the art equipment, and experienced staff to work with you, but also a pleasant and serene atmosphere that puts me at ease. I not only look for integrity in the beauty industry but conscientious professionals who will always be honest with me regarding products and treatments. I am happy to say the Gladstone Clinic meets all my needs and that is why I keep coming back for years.”


Many thanks for catching what your more advertised competition didn’t over the last 2 years. It was a blessing for me to have made what amounts to a life saving change. I’m glad you take the time to get close and look. We need good Dr’s like yourself!”

By John.


I visited Dr. Hayes Gladstone few days ago: I am one satisfied customer. He is a knowledgeable, and compassionate doctor. His bedside manner is exquisite, he knows his area very well. I felt very comfortable, he answered all my questions thoroughly. He is also a very good listener. The front desk is extremely helpful and friendly. I will definitely recommend him to my friends.

*Results may vary by patient.

By Julie S., Sausalito, CA


The doctor’s bed-side manner was warm and assuring, he took time to explain the treatment (fraxel and the fillers.) I look about 10 years younger. Very much satisfied with the results.

*Results may vary by patient.

By Health J., Albuquerque, NM


I love Dr. Gladstone. he has performed numerous Moh’s surgery for me. I am very happy with the results, mostly undetectable.

*Results may vary by patient.

By Sunny S., Menlo Park, CA


My friend recommended to see Dr. Gladstone. What a great job on hands rejuvenation! I was given a few options (lasers and fillers) and explained the outcomes and costs. I am definitely coming back for more.

*Results may vary by patient.

By Pamela S., San Carlos, CA


I have been going to Dr. Gladstone for almost 10 years. Growing up I lived by the beach and very prone to various forms of skin cancer. Besides my regular visits, I have had 4 separate procedures to remove the cancers. He has been very generous with his time and outcomes are good. He provided a prescription for cream to use versus having to see him as often to save me money. If you need a REAL doctor, I highly recommend him.

*Results may vary by patient.

By Jill M., Cupertino, CA


Been a patient of Dr. Gladstone for over 11 years and he recently also treated my husband for cancer as well and we BOTH think he’s PHENOMENAL!

I am a 2 -time cancer patient who almost lost the sight in my eye when another WELL known dr in San Mateo misdiagnosed it, and it almost cost me my sight!

After several reconstructive procedures,–all done by Dr. Gladstone– you can’t even tell I’ve had cancer twice!! He is an AMAZING doctor who cares about his patients (always calls to check up and see how you are doing the night of surgery, provides his cell in case of emergency) and takes the time to explain what he’s doing, why and what results to expect. He’s very low key and listens to what your concerns are-VERY rare to find a doctor who cares these days, but he does!

The precision with which he operates is perfect! Wouldn’t trust ANY other doctor!


*Results may vary by patient.

By Kelley F., San Jose, CA


Dr. Gladstone is fantastic. A top doc who listens to what you say, works with you, and gives first class care and attention. My husband and I have been going to see Dr. Gladstone for at least 7 years.

Love going in for my yearly checks. He’s very professional, not a salesman. All the stuff he takes off me doesn’t hurt. I can’t even locate some of the scars. I’m convinced he saved my life by finding and removing the cancer in my hairline that as missed several other docs. You can’t even see the scar and I’ve been cancer free since. I can’t say enough good things about him.

*Results may vary by patient.

By Tana W., San Jose, CA


Have been a patient of Dr. Hayes Gladstone for ten years now and his results are outstanding. Probably the most compelling procedure he has performed to date has been my upper and lower blepharoplasty (eyelid lift and removal of pouches underneath the eye), which he did in 2008. The results were amazing and my refreshed-looking eyes are more youthful and perfectly symmetrical – a testament to Dr. Gladstone’s very skilled hands. The process made me look ten years younger and friends have asked me for referrals to Dr. Gladstone because the outcome was so spectacular.

Over the years Dr. Gladstone has done numerous procedures on me including: sclerotherapy (injections in the legs to collapse spider veins), botox injections on the forehead and collagen injections (radiesse as well as juvederm) on my lower face. The results on all these procedures have been very good, which is why I am a repeat customer and very loyal. I wouldn’t trust my face to anyone else!

Dr. Gladstone has always been professional, kind and thorough. For example, he advises me to use L-max 5 (5% topical lidocaine) to minimize needle-injection discomfort at least 40 minutes prior to treatment. I do this routinely and it helps. Also, during any procedure he always makes a verbal comment to give you a “heads-up” so that you can mentally be ready. For example, when he injects the botox he lets me know that I’ll feel a pinch and/or pressure and then I can brace myself. I think the fact that Dr. Gladstone signals his patients in this manner is a good example of his professionalism and gentleness.

As a “frequent flier” (so to speak) in dermatological surgery I can tell you firsthand that many procedures last for a limited time (I need botox every six months) or require repeat treatments to fully resolve (my spider veins showed incremental improvement each time and then almost fully disappeared after six treatments). However, this is the nature cosmetic surgery and this is what is available today – this is not a reflection of Dr. Gladstone’s technique. Also, it is true that every patient is different – for example my spider veins were quite extensive and very long, thus I needed several treatments because each injection was able to collapse only a portion of the length of the vein at any given time.

Regarding the state of the art, I have found Dr. Gladstone to be very well informed about the newest and most cutting edge treatments because he still attends medical conferences and works hard to stay informed. However, Dr. Gladstone is prudent about only using the newest procedures on his own patients after he is convinced of efficacy and safety. So he’s an early adopter, but he’s also not thoughtlessly beguiled by the latest technology.

Finally, Dr. Gladstone is cautious about how extensively he uses various procedures. I think he has a good eye for what will look “improved” vs. “fake”. For example, when he injects botox into my forehead I always ask him to inject all the wrinkle lines including the ones that are close to my brow. However, he has pushed back on this because he says the botox could drop my brow and then I wouldn’t have natural expression. He’s right: I had a friend who had botox too close to her eyes and sure enough she had an odd expression for the first two months because she couldn’t lift her brows!
I highly recommend Dr. Gladstone for dermatological surgery and suggest you give him a try.

*Results may vary by patient.

By Karen M., San Jose


Dr. G is an excellent surgeon, he has Angelic hands!!! He has good bed side manners, explains all procedures with lots of patience and will let you know if you need the procedure or not…unlike some doctors who will sell any procedure! The office is beautiful and all the staff is very professional and make u feel very comfortable. There is no other Dr. I would recommend like I recommend Dr. G!!! Go and see for yourself.

*Results may vary by patient.

By Mary C., Redwood City


Total trust in Dr. Gladstone; he and two other doctors at Stanford Hospital are the reason I’m leaving a significant percentage of my estate to the hospital.

*Results may vary by patient.

By Withheld for Privacy


I have never been to a better doctor than *Dr. Gladstone who is both brilliant and compassionate and professionally personable.

*Results may vary by patient.

By Withheld for Privacy


Dr. Hayes Gladstone always treats my husband & me with respect, warmth, and EXCEPTIONAL MEDICAL CARE.

*Results may vary by patient.

By Withheld for Privacy


Dr. Gladstone & his staff performed an excellent operation in Dec. & this was a follow-up appointment. Their medical knowledge & skills are great. I
am glad that it was done here.

*Results may vary by patient.

By Withheld for Privacy


Dr. Gladstone & his staff are perfect. they treat pts. w/respect & empathy “&” are so pleasant to deal with.
I “applaud” their efforts.

*Results may vary by patient.

By Withheld for Privacy


I have been a satisfied patient of Dr. Gladstone when he was at Stanford on Welsh Rd. and even happier since he moved to the new Dermatology office on Broadway in Redwood City. I have had minor procedures that were pre-cancerous as well as major Moh’s surgery for malignant melanoma. Each visit was a pleasant experience even his nurses (Sam) in particular and all the interns. Dr. Gladstone did each and every procedure himself with classical music playing and explanation of what he was doing. The only treatment his staff did was to clean up the area before Dr. Gladstone closed the incision and then put pressure bandages on me. All the treatments were on my face and only the biggest one which was on my forehead showed any scarring. The incision was so large that he told me only family could clean and change the dressing, as I might become light-headed if I saw the size of the wound. I had to go 2 weeks before closing, to send the tissue out to 3 different labs to be sure the margins were in fact clear.

At first Dr. Gladstone thought he’d have to do a skin graft, since my forehead had no wrinkles to take (I was late 60′s) but he was able to close the incision without the graft. As far as I’m concerned I’ve never been to a more caring or honest surgeon. I hope I never have to have any future Moh’s surgery, but I have very sun-damaged skin having been raised in So, California where having a TAN meant everything, and boy have I paid the price.
My only regret is Dr. Gladstone is leaving Stanford, but I will continue to follow him wherever he practices.”

*Results may vary by patient.

By Withheld for Privacy


Dr. Gladstone is the best!!

*Results may vary by patient.