Are You A Candidate For CoolSculpting

Are You A Candidate For CoolSculpting

With the innovations and developments that have presented themselves in the medical field, there are several new procedures that one can opt for if they want to shape the way their body looks and feels. Cosmetic procedures that change the way we look and which give us the kind of body that we want is something that is increasingly popular, so much so that so many people around us are opting for it. Cosmetic surgery has also come a long way when it comes to its effectiveness and its safety, which is why people are opting for it all over the world.

CoolSculpting is something that has recently been becoming popular because of the ease of the procedure. This is one of the most popular non-invasive procedures that a person can opt to go in for when trying to achieve the body that they desire.

While we all want to look like Hollywood movie stars with a perfect figure, the task of attaining it is not always as easy. Things like genetics, lifestyle, and many other factors can come in the way of attaining the body that you have always wanted. With medical innovations, getting the body that you want in a few quick sessions is something that is actually possible.

Are You A Candidate For CoolSculpting?

One of the most ideal things about CoolSculpting is the age bracket in which a person can opt to go in for the procedure. This is something that has one of the widest age brackets, since this procedure can be done on someone who has just turned eighteen, right up to the age that people are at when they retire.

There is no particular gender for which CoolSculpting works better. Men, women and those in between can opt to go in for this procedure and take care of the unwanted fat that is on their body. This is something that anyone who has fat deposits only in specific areas can opt to go in for, to prevent their weight from becoming a bigger issue.

As good as CoolSculpting is to target fat-centric areas of our body, there are a few limitations of what the procedure can do. One of the biggest hurdles that people who want this procedure face is the weight that they are at before they get the procedure. CoolSculpting is something that can only work on those who are around ten to twenty pounds above their ideal weight. This means that someone who is ten to twenty percent overweight can opt to go in for CoolSculpting, but someone who has a higher obesity rate than that cannot.

This limitation is mainly because of the manner in which CoolSculpting is performed. Instead of targeting the fat cells directly, CoolSculpting targets the fat pockets. This also makes it difficult to perform CoolSculpting on areas such as the inner thighs which tend to have a thick layer of fat over them. But things like love handles and saddlebags are incredibly easy to take care of with this procedure.

CoolSculpting may also now work well for those who have loose skin and who want to take care of it after a recent loss in weight. Because of how CoolSculpting works, it can reduce the fat in an area, but cannot take care of the skin that falls around it after the procedure. As a result, patients who really want to achieve their ideal bodies tend to go in for a subsequent procedure that takes care of the loose fat around those areas.

Overall, CoolSculpting is a great tool for anyone who wants to achieve their ideal body without having to go through an invasive procedure.*

If you live in the San Ramon, Danville, Dublin or nearby areas, contact us a free CoolSculpting consultation. You will be pleasantly surprised in what it could do for you.

*Individual Results May Vary

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