There is always time for CoolSculpting

There is always time for CoolSculpting

Getting in shape and eating a healthy diet are things that everyone should partake in, especially if we’re physically able. No matter the season, it’s never too late to put in the work for a better-looking you. On the other hand, advancements in technologies are worth its weight in gold. When it comes to looking your best, there are many routes that you can take to help you meet your fitness goals. Some of the procedures may come in the form of invasive surgery while others won’t. It’s best that you literally weigh your options when embarking on a quick fix.

The Positive Effects of CoolSculpting

Have you ever heard of CoolSculpting? If you didn’t know, CoolSculpting is a new trend that works great for slimming and contouring the body. Nope, this advanced procedure doesn’t require any cutting and sewing, which is great for those who dread going under the knife. CoolSculpting’s name says it all because this is a targeted treatment that destroys fat cells. Yes, this is 100 percent correct, and this revolutionary process is known as cryolipolysis. Cryolipolysis is basically the breaking down of fat cells via cold temperatures. This is body contouring at its finest, and Dr. Hayes Gladsone in San Ramon, CA specializes in this service. Heat and suction definitely has its place in medical aesthetics, but heat and suction can cause issues with the skin and tissue. As most people know, cold temperatures have a better way of naturally preserving things, especially body tissue. This is why going the cold route is much more better for you.

Discomfort & Downtime?

One of the absolute best benefits of CoolSculpting is that this advanced procedure requires no downtime. Of course, this statement can’t be said for the majority of medical procedures that fall under this particular category. Discomfort is also at a minimum, and most people don’t even experience any discomfort to begin with. Post-procedural symptoms are also at a minimum because your risks of side effects is drastically decreased. Since this is a non-invasive treatment, the use of anesthesia is null and void. CoolSculpting is revolutionizing the game by leaps and bounds. In most cases, you can return to your daily schedule once the procedure is over. What more could you ever for from a 21st century procedure?

Longer-Lasting Results That Develop With Time

Unlike other procedures that fall under this category, CoolSculpting is much more progressive in its actions. Since this treatment fully destroys fat cells, it has been labelled a permanent method of body contouring. Of course, you’ll definitely have to do your part by retaining a healthy weight. If your diet is consistently off, then your body could start to store fat cells in other areas of the body. If this just so happens to be the case, then additional treatments can be used slowdown and preserve your positive results.

CoolSculpting is a win-win solution for getting and keeping a slimmer body throughout the year. Serving the San Ramon, Danville, Dublin, Walnut Creek and Dublin, California, Gladsone Clinic is your go-to choice for CoolSculpting results. Schedule your free consultation today!

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