The Gladstone Clinic is proud to offer state of the art minimally invasive Electronic Brachytherapy (EBX) for the treatment of many skin cancers to the patients in San Ramon, Danville, Pleasanton, San Francisco and surrounding communities. At the Gladstone Clinic, we want to offer as many effective options for skin cancer treatment as possible. Though Mohs Surgery is the gold standard for the treatment of non-melanoma skin cancer, Dr. Gladstone understands that surgery may not be the best option for all patients, and wants to customize your skin cancer care.

What is Electronic Brachytherapy?

Electronic Brachytherapy in San Ramon, CAElectronic Brachytherapy is a form of superficial radiation that can be performed in an office setting. It does not use an isotope as its energy source. Electronic Brachytherapy has been used for other cancers, but more recently has been used to treat skin cancers. There are no needles used since this treatment doesn’t require numbing. There should be no downtime, and patients can immediately resume normal activities.  These treatments are performed at the Gladstone Clinic in San Ramon.

What skin cancers is Electronic Brachytherapy used for?

Generally, EBX is effective for Basal Cell Cancers and Squamous Cell Cancers of the skin.

What areas of the body is Electronic Brachytherapy used for?

Electronic Brachytherapy in San Ramon, CAMost areas can be treated. EBX is particularly effective in cosmetically sensitive areas such as the face as well as hard to heal areas such as the shin.

What is Electronic Brachytherapy’s Cure Rate?

Studies to date have shown that EBX cure rates are over 90%

Does Electronic Brachytherapy Hurt?

The procedure does not involve pain.

*Individual results may vary.

What do patients have to say about EBX treatment?

Please view our patient testimonial videos below.

How Long are the Electronic Brachytherapy Appointments?

Usually 15 minutes.

How many treatments are required?

It depends on your particular cancer and site, but many patients require 10 treatments that are performed twice per week.

What care is involved for the area treated by Electronic Brachytherapy?

Generally, Vaseline is adequate.

Will Electronic Brachytherapy Leave a Scar?

EBX generally will not leave a scar, however in many patients, it leaves a hypopigmented (light) spot in the area treated.

Does Insurance Cover Electronic Brachytherapy?

Currently Medicare covers Electronic Brachytherapy treatments.

How Do I make an appointment for an Electronic Brachytherapy Consultation?

Please contact the Gladstone Clinic, and a consultation will be set up with a Board Certified Radiation Oncologist.

Electronic Brachytherapy Before and After Pictures San Ramon, CAElectronic Brachytherapy Before and After Pictures San Ramon, CA

Electronic Brachytherapy Before and After Pictures San Ramon, CA

Electronic Brachytherapy Before and After Pictures San Ramon, CA

*Individual results may vary.